HLT 205V Week 2 Complete


HLT 205 Week 2 Topic 2 Discussion 1

What is defensive medicine and how does it impact health care cost, quality, and access? How will we see the use of defensive medicine shift as we move forward with the Affordable Care Act? Cite references to support your DQ post.

HLT 205 Week 2 Topic 2 Discussion 2

Watch "TEDTalks: Daniel Kraft - Medicine’s Future? There’s an App for That":


After viewing the video, select four topics that were discussed and explain HLT205VWeek2Complete their significance to the future of health care technology.

HLT 205 Week 2 Assignment Collaborative Learning Community: CLC Group Project Agreement


This is a HLT205VWeek2Complete CLC assignment.

Complete the CLC Group Project Agreement form. Only one CLC Group HLT205V Project Agreement form needs to be completed for your group. Your instructor will assign group members in Topic 2. The CLC Group Project Agreement form will benefit your group's process by:

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